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How to update your Credit Card

If your credit card is expiring or you would like to change the card being billed, you can update or change your credit card information in a few easy steps.

To update your credit card from the app, click on the menu at the top on the main screen “SYETEM->ACCOUNT”

From the website, follow these steps to update or change your credit card:

  • With your browser navigate to
  • At the bottom left corner of the screen click the ‘LOGIN’ icon :
  • Enter the same SiteFusion username and password you normally use.
    • If you don’t remember it, the ‘COMPANY KEY’ is found in the SiteFusion desktop application by going to: ‘TOOLS – > USER SETTINGS’ and then clicks the ‘PASSWORD’ tab.
  • After you login successfully, click on ‘ACCOUNT’ on the menu on the left.
  • Then click on ‘UPDATE ACCOUNT’
  • Now you can update your payment settings.

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