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Logging Out

To log out, you simply need to close the main screen.

There are two ways SiteFusion handles your presence and use of the system. 1) The desktop client checks to see if you are active on your computer and 2) the server your are connected to checks to see if you are interacting with it.

The SiteFusion desktop client checks if you are active on your desktop. If there is activity your presence is noted and you are considered logged in. If there is no activity in 10 minutes or so, you are marked as ‘logged out’. All of this will simply show other users if you are available and show this availability in the logs.

When you log in the server creates a ‘session’. This is typical of many servers on the internet whether you log in or not. This ‘session‘ the  client has with the our server is handled differently than the logged in/out status. The server maintains your session for 30 minutes with no activity between the client and server. After 30 minutes your session ends and you will have to log back in to continue.

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