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WHAT’S NEW v3.013.0285

Listed here are the latest enhancements and changes to SiteFusion.

  • FINANCIAL: Remittance address and contact for income and expense records is now saved for each customer and vendor, and will automatically populate.
  • FINANCIAL: You can search by Group # even if the group has been extinguished.
  • FINANCIAL: The “Hierarchy” algorithm has been completely re-written and is in superb working order.
  • FINANCIAL: You can now launch the “hierarchy” tool from the Expense screen
  • PROJECTS: ‘Flagged Task’ screen will now only appear when user has tasks on the list
  • PROJECTS: When scrolling horizontally in Task Spreadsheet ‘Freezing’ columns was not saved for the next time you open the screen. This is fixed.
  • SYSTEM FILE HANDLING: Our servers now handle file uploads/downloads via the HTTP POST method. This means the FTP server functions are no longer needed which benefits the system as follows:
    • Significant simplification of certain areas of SF reducing errors and downtime.
    • The integrity of all uploads are now verified so the possibility of a corrupted file is virtually eliminated.
    • Ability to transfer files through VPNs and local networks that block the FTP protocol, such as inside T-Mobile offices. (This has yet to be tested, volunteers?)
    • Increased security.
  • SYSTEM: The “What’s New” functions have been cleaned up and resurrected.

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