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WHAT’S NEW v3.013.0308

Listed here are the latest enhancements and changes to SiteFusion

  • PROJECTS: The Photo Sorter tool (Project tab menu -> “Sort / Match Photos”) has been enhanced. As before, it will match your photos to a project by location if the photos have GPS coordinates and queue them for upload. Now, any photos that don’t have GPS coordinates will be grouped in folders by time stamp. So if you set time the timespan setting to 30 mins, Photos that are not linked together by time stamps within 30 minutes will become part of another folder. This is helpful when going to multiple projects and making it hard to figure out which photos are for a certain project.
  • Tasks: When marking a tasked started (start completed), SiteFusion will automatically forecast the completion date based on the average number of days it has taken to complete for the respective ‘Project Group’. There is also a user setting to increase this average by a number of days.
  • Expenses: When creating a new expense, SiteFusion will place the expense in the ‘PO Created. Waiting for Approval’ folder by default. There is now a system setting whereby the expense can be placed in the ‘PO Approved. Waiting to be Issued’ folder by default presuming there is no approval process for your organization. In this folder, SiteFusion will also now ask if the user would like to ‘Issue’ the PO to the vendor on saving.

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