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Whats New 2016-04-28

Updates for version 3.004.0101+

Date: 2016-04-28

Listed here are the latest enhancements and changes to SiteFusion.

  • The map features, tools, functionality, and layout have been completely rebuilt. The map will now show nearby projects which are active and if there is more than one active project at a location, it will display the number on the map icon. The map moves much smoother and the directions features are now overlayed on one map with the directions displayed off the map on a side panel.
  • When saving a map as a Google Earth file, a KMZ file is created instead of a KML file. This allows all of the native icons in SiteFusion to be included so what you see in Google Earth is exactly what you see on the screen.
  • The map directions features have been significantly improved with new features and tools.
  • The map measuring tool has been been enhanced with a new algorithm to greatly improve its accuracy.
  • A traffic layer button has been added to the maps.
  • When retrieving location information from a map, the ground elevation and township data is also retrieved.
  • A wizard has been added to guide you through adding a new company, and checks if the entry already exists by name and location. This will help prevent duplicates.
  • A wizard has been added for adding new Locations and new Projects.
  • A main menu console has been added to make some of the most commonly used buttons more easily seen and available.
  • When changing the address and/or coordinates for a location, you can lock portions of the data so that it is not changed automatically. These locks are automatic when the data is marked as “accurate”.

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